360 waves for black men have always been popular. But the wavy haircut is a nice short cut that requires a little effort. The process to obtain 360 waves requires a cloth, brush, moisturizer or grease (ointment) for the hair and a good shampoo or conditioner. Guys who want to get waves in their hair need to be patient because the steps to get deep 360 waves take time.


Deep 360 Waves Barber's pick
Fortunately, you don't need to go looking for tips and tricks in a few places. We'll cover everything about how to get 360 waves at night. All you need to do is follow the routine and remember the suggestions. So let's get started!

Below you will find our step-by-step guide on how to get 360 waves for black men. To start with, we recommend getting a short cut with a fade from the temple and the edge up. A clean hairline helps a lot to make the waves in your hair look fresh!

Best oil for 360 waves

best hair oil for 360 waves

Oliology Coconut Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Coconut oil is commonly known for its ability to improve scalp health. It is considered to be one of the key components of hair care products around the world. It is known to work for all hair types.

Oil from Oliology is packed with nutrients and should create a good lift as well as give you excellent beach waves. Sometimes you may find that your hair feels crunchy or grainy when using regular oil. With this oil, you can eliminate the risk of leaving your hair sticky after use. This should give you a crisp and elegant 360 wave with a matte finish.

The spray helps keep your styles and textures intact for many hours. This oil also contains sea salt, which is an effective cleanser. This helps the hair grow healthily and detoxifies the scalp.

The product is a conditioning treatment for shine and softening. The bamboo extract present in the formula always gives the appearance of full and silky strands of hair. All in all, coconut oil is known to be the best for waves.

Hask Argan Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Argan oil is very effective when it comes to creating waves. Argan oil is also known as "liquid gold" and it could be exactly what you need for a 360-degree journey. It is so named because of its remarkable properties for the skin and scalp.

Hask argan oil can make your hair look very attractive, providing shine and hydration without sticking. It is very useful in the process of getting better 360 waves. The effectiveness of argan oil is undeniable.

This unique wave-building oil helps protect your hair from all kinds of heat damage and reduces frizz. The oil may seem less moisturizing to men with extremely dry scalp.

Marc Anthony Coconut Cream

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Marc Anthony coconut cream is effective for a beach-like dry wave look. The main ingredient of this product is coconut.

As mentioned earlier, coconut is packed with nutrients and health benefits. It has enjoyed great popularity among undulating ones for decades. This oil gives shine through and through. The consistency of this oil makes your hair relax and style as desired.

As for textures, it can be used on a daily basis. Apply it and let it soak into your hair for a defined wavy texture desired for the signature 360 ​​waves. This works for any hair routine; you can dry it or use diffuser on it. The product is extremely safe for the hair.

The formula does not contain any chemicals such as paraben and phthalate, making it safe for the health of the scalp. Despite many effective properties, it can cause problems with good fixation. Styling can be tricky for beginners.

Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Leven Rose is a simple and strictly natural jojoba oil solution. This oil is particularly effective in trying to make 360 waves.

The benefits of jojoba oil are endless when it comes to the wave-building process. The oil is packed with rich nutrients and antioxidants. The formula benefits your scalp with its wonderful healing properties.

Normally, holidaymakers apply a wide variety of products to their heads and this can, more often than not, make the scalp health worse. This problem can be countered with this grade of oil. This product is also paraben and GMO free.

It also comes with a dropper which can help focus the product exclusively on the hair follicles.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Jamaican black castor oil has therapeutic properties that promote better hair growth. Black castor oil can be used as a staple in the 360 ​​wave routine. Thicker hair is considered great for creating good wave patterns, castor oil is thick itself and increases the hold of the hair for 360 waves.

This product is also effective for hair growth. The hair should be long enough to lie flat and have a slight wave pattern for it to show up. The oil also strengthens the hair roots and gives them enough strength against the intense brushing required for defined waves.

The formula stimulates your scalp and gives it a natural shine with the help of the peppermint oil it contains.

It may be a little drying to some, but the oil contains a multitude of benefits that stimulate hair growth and promote healthy hair. This is an ideal oil for 360 waves.

Viva Naturals’ Sweet Almond Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil is another nutrient-rich hair oil that can be applied at any time to improve hair health. Its components are very useful and can be considered one of the best oils for 360 waves.

Achieving a dry wave is in particular a challenge. Brittle looking waves are not the goal and cannot be considered adequate for a faltering one. Rusty hair causes dandruff and eventually hair loss if this type of routine is maintained.

Almond oil is an effective moisturizing solution for problems like these. It makes your hair shiny, healthy and hydrated enough to build the right wave patterns you are looking for.

This oil is safe for hair as it does not contain GMO products. It is free of allergens, synthetic materials and hexene and therefore can be used by anyone with a sensitive scalp.

This product also avoids using any fragrance by keeping it purely natural and usable regularly. While quite effective, the texture of the oil is thin and may not be ideal for everyone.

Hollywood Beauty Argan Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Another Hollywood Beauty product that is great for creating waves is argan oil for hair treatment.

Some oils may be up for debate when it comes to being suitable for 360 waves, but argan oil is simply one of the few oils that professionals have doubts about. This product gives your waves a slight sheen without making them appear greasy.

Not only is it able to defend against heat damage, but it is also effective in terms of conditioning and healing properties. This is a non-alcoholic argan oil that can help eliminate frizz. Frizz is a huge problem that everyone faces on the go and it ruins the cool style of 360 waves.

However, the product may not be suitable for some hair types.

ORS Olive Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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ORS olive oil is good for 360 waves. Makes your waves brighter but prevents fat from appearing.

The moisture and shine achieved look natural and healthy. This can take many hours so don't worry about drying out quickly. One of the problems weavers often face is heat, which the olive oil can counteract as it nourishes the hair and protects the waves from excessive heat.

The oil contains other components that support the wave formation process. This also means that it is not extra virgin olive oil.

Those looking for unprocessed, pure olive oil may find this a bit of a hassle.

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Hollywood Beauty is another castor oil product that can help you achieve the waves of your dreams.

Castor oil can help you in ways that most oils cannot. This oil contains elements that stimulate hair growth. Heavy brushing to create waves leaves hair prone to hair loss. If you are losing hair faster than growing it back, you are on your way to balding my friend.

Also, it is best if you have thicker hair swatches to achieve defined 360 waves. Castor oil will help improve growth skills and fill in any gaps that you might be concerned about.

The healing and strengthening properties of the oil also protect you from damage that can result from the intensive application of several products during the formation of waves.

Its therapeutic properties also help repair split ends and breaks and increase hydration. It can be difficult to wash well at times because castor oil is very thick and sticks to your hair.

Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Deep 360 Waves
Deep 360 Waves
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Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a crude oil that is not hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized. It is cold-pressed and is ideal for deep care and wave formation.

The formula is USDA certified, organic, project verified, GMO-free, raw, certified vegan, Pareve MK kosher, gluten-free and dairy-free.

This coconut oil is unrefined and can give you an exceptional natural shine all day long. It helps maintain high levels of nutrients, which makes your hair softer and then easier to comb.

This is especially useful for creating extraordinary 360 waves. Oil makes the job of creating waves a lot easier.

Deep 360 waves Step-by-step

  • When cutting your hair, make sure you don't go too short. You will want to tell your barber that you want it thick enough that your scalp is not visible.
  • Next, you should brush your hair with a wavy brush for 1-2 minutes. A good brush for men is a Diane brush made from 100% boar bristles. Depending on the hair structure and the desired wave depth, it can make sense to use a brush with hard and soft bristles.
  • Now put a cloth in running hot water. Squeeze some water out of the cloth, but leave it wet. Then put the hot towel on your hair and wipe it clean. If you didn't get the
  • sides and the back of your head, repeat the process for those areas. Then apply a good moisturizer or pomade to your hair.
  • Find out where the vortex is forming on your head and start brushing forwards, to the sides, and backwards. Make sure you don't miss any of your hair. You should make at least 20 strokes in all directions.
  • Finally, wear a wave cap or du-rag on your head. We recommend doing this overnight while you sleep for the best results, especially since it will keep your waves from crashing.
  • Repeat this entire process until you get your waves. It can take up to 4 weeks for 360 waves to appear, so repeat this process every day. If you start to lose the waves in your hair, you may be washing your hair too often or not brushing enough.

Have supplies on hand

In fact, you are here to find out how to get 360 deep waves with diaper hair, but don't rush. Start gradually. First, make the right choice for the right tools. You don't need too many accessories to get perfect 360 waves. Let's make it easier for you. Here is a list of the materials needed;


It seems too easy, but not all brushes are made for the same purpose. You first need to decide what type of brush you will need for your hair. You will need a wavy brush for your wavy or curly hair. You should choose a hand brush without a handle. The bristles of the brush depend on the type of hair. As with thick hair, choose a brush with stiff bristles. Instead, brushes with natural bristles are perfect for driving the waves. Make sure the brush is the wrong shape for an ideal fit.


Du-rag or wave cap is a crucial thing that you will need throughout the process. It's a special type of scarf. You must wear Du-rag on your head during treatment.

So make sure you are getting the best du rag from the best brand. We recommend that you use a nylon or elastane cloth. Also, make sure that the fit is perfect. Or you can pin your hair in place to keep it fit.


The Pomade acts like a wave grease. It's a waxy, oily substance that holds your hair in place. In addition, the pomade softens and nourishes your hair.

Hair lotion or moisturizer

You may need a hair lotion to add moisture to your hair. So your hair can be manageable. You can also use an organic hair moisturizer to create waves.

Shampoo and conditioner

These two things are necessary to keep the waves rolling. You should choose the organic and herbal shampoo and conditioner for the waves. So you are equipped with all the necessary utensils. Let's start with the fun part.

360 waves are becoming more and more popular and the reason is quite obvious, they remind us of African American guys with their unique hair texture and cool gesture. The trend begins in the 20th century and is widespread. It is not just a hairstyle, it is a style statement. The structure of your hair plays a very important role in creating 360 waves. People born with an African hair structure have the advantage of having both wider and deeper waves. However, you don't need to be born with any other hair structure that can't get such beautiful deep 360 waves, so all you need to know is how to get deep 360 waves. In fact, there are certain proven methods you can use to achieve deep 360 waves regardless of your hair texture.

Curly hair is not a problem; it's an attitude! Period! Oh, yes, curly or coarse hair can be the cause of frustration in some cases. For example, when you undo, you do a rag in the morning and all you get is messy hair.

Perhaps this is the reason why people dreamed of 360o waves, especially African Americans and celebrities. At the same time, a common question arises: how to get deep 360 waves with thick hair?

Getting 360 degree waves does indeed require a lot of effort and patience. But, it is nothing difficult to obtain. No matter what your hair's natural texture is, you can make 360 ​​perfect waves. The only thing you need to learn is how to get deep 360 waves with curly hair.

Use the wave cap

Once you've brushed properly, put the attached wave cap on for at least 30 minutes. Replace the axle cap in the same manner for 15 minutes. While sleeping, wear a wavy cap that will help keep your hair in place without causing a mess.

Getting waves is not an easy task, you need to train your hair to be like waves. Depending on the nature of your hair, the results may vary. All you have to remember is to brush your hair daily and minimize the use of shampoo for the best and fastest result.

Tips to get deep 360 waves

  • Use hot water while shampooing and brush in the direction of the waves.
  • After gathering the shampoo, apply cold water and brush again in the direction of the waves.
  • Don't brush in any other direction, always start brushing from the diaper shape of your head down.
  • Check the amount of chemicals in the shampoo.
  • Pomade is very useful when you are looking for waves, but most pomades contain petroleum jelly, which can make your hair look dull. So choose your pomade wisely.
  • Shea butter moisturizer is essentially good for hair because it feels light rather than heavy.
  • Lastly, don't brush your hair until after applying the pomade or moisturizer, or after shampooing after using a hot towel. Brushing without applying anything will distort your waves.

Secret tip

Get betrayed by an insider that really works. After starting your 360 wave journey, your hair can be more difficult to manage in around 3-4 weeks. It's quite annoying, isn't it?

Well, you can manage that hair with a simple trick. Grab a ziploc bag and put your hand in your pocket. Then rub your hair in the direction where the wave formed. It sounds silly, but after doing it sometimes, you will surely understand the benefits.

You can do this between the brushing session and the placement of the du-rag. Try this for at least six weeks to get the best result. Also, continue with the entire wave formation process.

After all, you know how to get 360 deep waves with thick hair and all the other tips. Now is the time to live like royalty on your waves. Take your rage off and show the world your perfect 360 waves. Although the process may seem tedious and time consuming, once you get used to it, you will enjoy it.