Whether you're trying to keep waves or styling your hair into a high-top fade, one of the most important things to keep your hair in place is using a moisturizer. Moisturizers are a great way for men of color to keep their looks in public places. But finding the best moisturizers for black men can be a little tricky. We have researched and selected some of the quality options in the market and we are happy to present them to you with a deep understanding.


Hair Moisturizer for Black Men Barber's pick
Using moisturizers on hair is an incredible way to maintain scalp health and achieve great looks with an attractive shine.

Whether you're trying to keep waves or styling your hair into a high-top fade, one of the most important things to keep your hair in place is using a moisturizer.

Think about your skin.

You would never leave your home ashen, would you?

You shouldn't run with dry hair either.

Most men might think that moisturizers and conditioners are only for women, but that's not true.

You might not want to smell like a tropical cocktail, but there are many options for us men.

From classic brands like Shea Moisture, As I Am, and Cantu, these are the best hair moisturizers for you to try as a black man.

Best hair moisturizer for black men

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

As I Am Double Butter Cream

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  • Makes Hair Smooth
  • Reduces Dryness
  • Locks in Moisture Contents
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 Reduce Split Ends


  • May Underperform on Some Skin Types

In first place here, it's another very well-received hair care product from As I Am. We're about to find out if this buttercream moisturizer has what it takes to be your favorite!

First, let's take a look at the ingredients. The emollient mixture of natural butter and organic oil is said to make your coarse hair smoother with fatty acids from the butter.

If you are a black person who has had enough of coarse and dry hair then this could be the perfect weapon of choice to combat such issues. In addition, you want a longer and more fulfilling shine. What's the point of a moisturizer that looks gorgeous at home and turns like dry leaves after going out? Here this butter mixture would lock in moisture for a longer shine.

The pro-vitamin B5 contained in the formulation should reduce split ends and make your hair stronger and healthier. Overall, it looks like a standard hair care product, except that it performs comparatively inferiorly on some hair types. So, we would recommend it every day for high quality shine and healing!

As I Am is a popular brand in the black community and DoubleButter Cream is definitely worth a try.

Useful and inexpensive, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth with this product.

This As I Am product is a rich and emollient blend, which means it softens and moisturizes hair with its natural butter and organic oils.

The benefits of this product are that it locks in moisture and makes dry, dull hair softer, shinier, and manageable. & nbsp;

Dry hair can also lead to split ends, which ultimately leads to breakage.

As I Am DoubleButter also contains provitamin B5, which helps repair split ends and strengthen hair.

With a good sign that water is the first ingredient, this hair moisturizer also contains shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and other beneficial and moisturizing ingredients. .

Is it recommended to rub this product into the strands and fold them into the hair so that the curls and curls are not disturbed?

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Parfait

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  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Works for color-treated hair
  • Thinner than other products making it lighter on the hair
  • Available in several sizes including a travel size


  • Some users note it smells tropical or like watermelon which may not work for some guys
  • This product may be too greasy for some

Now there are a few reasons why you should take a look at Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Parfait.

One, it's owned by blacks, so you can definitely support a black company, please do so.

Two, this product is specifically designed for people with curly or kinky hair.

However, the highlight of this product is the ingredients.

Contains shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil.

The combination of these products not only locks in moisture in your hair and reduces moisture loss, it also helps revitalize your hair so it doesn't look dusty and flaky.

A little is enough in this product, so it is recommended that you start with your fingertip when using this Alikay Naturals Product.

Alikay Naturals is known for its organic products and their moisture-rich Parfait is no different. The blend of shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil was created with curly and curly hair in mind. It aims to add shine, strengthen the hair and nourish the strands for a healthier head.

Unlike most other products, this one can be used on wet or dry hair. It takes a small amount, about the size of a fingertip. To make the application easier, rub the product between your hands and spread it over your hair, starting with the scalp.

Although not as strong as other products, this cream smells fruity. It is a lighter cream with a more compact consistency, making it a great choice for a variety of hair types and lengths. Several reviews have noted that Parfait with Moisture Rich makes their hair more manageable and softer.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

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  • Smooths hair cuticles to reduce frizz
  • Adds natural shine and softness without a greasy, heavy feeling
  • The added Vitamin E helps prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth


  • Some users reported problems with tangles after using this product
  • May leave a white, sticky residue if you use too much or apply to dry hair.

One thing not to worry about with this hair moisturizer is the chemicals that are often added to products that can damage your hair.

This moisturizer does not contain parabens, sulfates, petroleum jelly, or lanolin.

To be clear, you don't have to worry about it damaging or drying out your hair.

The ingredients to focus on are shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E.

All of these ingredients are known to add and retain moisture, so you can say goodbye to dry hair. If you want to use tgin's daily moisturizer, you can use it daily as a moisturizer or to freshen up your hair. whether you have curves or locomotives.

Made by thank god it's natural, this daily moisturizer includes vitamin E oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Best of all, this product is free from parabens, sulfates, petroleum jelly, lanolin, and artificial colors.

This buttercream has an appealing scent that is not overwhelming like other products on the market. It can also serve as a styling product and promotes hair growth. The moisturizer should be applied to wet hair to allow the cream to work without leaving a sticky feeling. Several reviewers have noted that after using this product regularly, they could skip a day or two because the buttercream works so well. Others note that they only apply the product to the strands of hair that they notice as dry. In contrast, a handful of users reported itching issues after use. Others saw no improvement in dryness and reported that it left their hair sticky and gummy.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner For Afro Hair

If your family is from the islands, they likely swear by castor oil.

Hey, castor oil works, so OKAY leave-in conditioner with Jamaican black castor oil made this list.

Developed for use on damp hair, this conditioner helps maintain control over difficult hair while repairing damaged hair at the same time.

It is said to restore moisture, shine and manageability while making the hair soft at the same time.

In addition to water and castor oil in the center of the ingredients, you will also find glycerine, shea butter and soothing hair proteins.

If you have a short cut, this product can easily be applied with your hands, but if you are working with longer hair, comb the conditioner through damp hair.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner

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Humidity may not be the only thing you are looking for.

If so, try the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner.

This restorative cream repairs hair breakage, repairs split ends, reduces frizz and helps hair provide moisture.

With shea butter as one of its main ingredients, the product uses the ingredient to penetrate the hair to hydrate and hydrate it.

This product also makes hair care easier by softening it.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner is a product that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine, but don't worry.

You don't have to apply it to your hair for hours.

And if you don't mind putting on a shower cap from time to time, you can also apply this Cantu on damp hair and cover with a plastic cap overnight for maximum absorption and intensive care.

Ingredients you can benefit from overnight include canola oil, shea butter, rosemary leaf extract, sage, and kiwi extract.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

The Roots Naturelle Hair Oil Moisturizer For Black Hair

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The journey to healthy hair always starts at the roots and you can have the opportunity to have healthy hair with The Roots Naturelle Hair Oil Moisturizer.

Your hair oil moisturizer with shea butter is ideal for natural and curly hairstyles.

This hair oil moisturizer is a blend of all-natural oils, including jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil.

In the ingredients you will also find the coveted shea butter and aloe vera, as well as chamomile extract.

To get the most out of this moisturizer, apply it to your hair after you shower.

All you have to do is let your hair air dry and this The Roots the product ensures that your hair looks good.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Moisturizer

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If your hair has curls, curls or waves, try Carol's Daughter hair moisturizer with milk.

It works in different ways.

First, it contains shea butter to help hydrate hair.

Two, it has soybean oil that is used to soften and strengthen it.

The ingredient list also includes agave nectar.

While this sounds like something you'd like to nibble on, agave nectar helps retain moisture.

This Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Moisturizer keeps your hair hydrated and shiny.

All you have to do is apply this product to your wet hair.

Some products recommend working with damp hair, but it should definitely be left soaked.

Let your hair air dry and be on your way.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

A Hair Moisturizers For Black Men: Maui Moisture Smooth And Repair Vanilla Bean Hair Butter

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You might not want your hair to smell like a basket of tropical fruits, but that's no reason to go without fragrances.

The Maui Moisture Smooth and Repair Vanilla Bean Hair Butter is the perfect interim solution.

Although this product is specifically designed for people with unruly and frizzy hair, it can be very helpful. & nbsp;

One of the main ingredients in this product is kukui nut oil.

This is an ancient Hawaiian secret that is used for its moisture resistance.

It is mixed in this formula along with the vanilla pod and cocoa butter.

In addition to its ability to withstand moisture, kukui nut oil also helps retain the moisture your hair already has.

This hair butter can be used both as a deep conditioner and as a leave-in conditioner.

I would suggest leaving this product on your hair and applying a small amount to damp hair.

Other ingredients that you will find in this product Maui Moisture that are good for The moisture and hair preservation are aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter and glycerin.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Bumble And Bumble Grooming Cream

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  • Makes your hair feel great
  • Doesn’t leave grease or oil behind
  • There’s no residue or build-up from the product
  • This product is unscented


  • One of the more expensive options on the list
  • Not the best choice for longer hair

One of the brand's best-selling products, try the target Bumble and Bumble care cream.

This product has two main benefits: It moisturizes the hair and keeps it in place. & nbsp;

While we get to the humidity when you're trying to condition your hair, especially waves, instead this product offers subtle hold and a smooth, silky finish to keep your hair looking fresh.

This care cream from Bumble and Bumble keeps your hair well thanks to the ingredients it contains.

You always want to target a product that has water as its main ingredient. & nbsp;

You can mark that for this cream.

Also contains avocado oil, castor oil and jojoba seed oil & # 8211; all ingredients related to moisture and hair growth.

And finally, Bumble and Bumble is a cruelty-free brand that I prefer to stick with away from brands that test their products on animals, this brand is the one for you.

If you're a guy who isn't interested in shiny hair, Bumble and Bumble's Grooming Crème might be the product for you. Instead of a shiny shine, this cream will leave your hair with a satin look and a velvety feel. For guys looking to use a product without a strong smell, this is a great choice.

Since the tube is small, it's good that you only need a little (a dime-sized amount) for each use. Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage with your fingers to keep it moist. It will also provide definition and a light retention that lasts all day.

Many users note that it's expensive, but they keep using it because it makes their hair look beautiful and last all day. It was difficult to find many complaints about this product. Although there were several comments about the price being higher than other products, this didn't seem to deter buyers.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

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I've never heard anyone say about Renpure outside of their destination leave coconut whipped cream conditioner, but there's a reason they're talking.

This conditioner contains coconut oil, which is easily absorbed into the hair and provides a moisturizing boost.

With this hydration syringe, this product also makes it easier to detangle and style the hair.

Packed with oils that keep hair hydrated, it contains palm oil, rapeseed coil, and coconut oil, as well as a large amount of glycerin, which helps bind water molecules in the hair to lock in moisture.

When using this product Renpure, it can be applied dry or wet.

While I definitely recommend using it on damp hair, all you have to do is apply the product through your hair and you're good to go.

Hair Moisturizer for Black Men
Hair Moisturizer for Black Men

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

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  • One of the more affordable products on the list
  • Improves manageability and softness of hair
  • Helps with dry, flaky scalp
  • Some users report that it helped with their receding hairlines


  • The coconut smell can be off-putting for some users
  • A few reviewers noted it caused some brittleness and hair loss

Unlike the other products on this list, this is a leave-in conditioner. Cantu ruled out harmful sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils. Instead, they included hemp seed oil to improve elasticity, shea butter for moisture, and caffeine to promote hair growth and reduce shedding.

Made especially for men, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner is easy to use. Just apply to the ends of damp hair and work towards the roots. If you have longer hair or problem areas, apply more product. Comb your hair to distribute the product evenly and let it do its job.

Several users have appreciated that the product is easy to use, takes little time to apply and leaves the hair soft to the touch. While some reviewers couldn't tolerate the smell, others noted that it's a pleasant coconut scent.

When it comes to hair care brands, Shea Moisture may be one of the most popular on the market.

As for moisturizing hair products, yours are The coconut hibiscus shake to enhance curls is worth a try.

This product is enriched with naturally sourced ingredients such as organically grown shea butter and coconut oil.

While shea butter nourishes hair and softens split ends, coconut oil provides hydration and protects your hair against breakage.

This product not only hydrates your hair, but also adds shine and definition to dry and dull hair.

This all makes sense if you take a closer look at the ingredients.

While shea butter and coconut oil lead the way, this is Shea Moisture. The product also contains glycerin and avocado oil, two ingredients that play a role. important in hair hydration.

Wave moisturizer

Hair moisturizers come in different forms.

Some may use leave-in conditioner.

Others may use hair oils that are applied directly to the scalp.

No matter what type of hair you have, be it fine and straight or thick and wavy, everyone needs a moisturizer.

Simply put, hair moisturizers are any type of leave-in or no-rinse product that is made to keep hair hydrated.

Although it can help with other problems, such as loose hair and damage treatment, moisturizers are specially designed to help hydrate and moisturize hair. & nbsp;

And while you might think you can do without hair moisturizer, most of the time you are wrong.

These products are so important to the health of your hair that choosing to skip them could completely spoil your cut.

Hair products for black men

Every area of ​​personal care takes a little effort, and maintaining your hair is no different. It's easy to incorporate a moisturizer into your regular hair care routine. The general rule of thumb is to use moisturizer every day, but during the cooler months you may be able to moisturize every other day. Once you've chosen a moisturizer, it's easy to use. Unless otherwise specified on the product label, you will apply the moisturizer to your hair starting at the scalp and working your way up to the ends.

Why Hair Moisturizers Are So Important For African American Hair

Take a look at your skin.

Think about how often you moisturize it.

We all know the saying "black doesn't crack".

Although many attribute it to our melanin, you should also bear in mind that the way we treat our skin also plays an important role.

When I was black, I always rubbed Palmer's cocoa butter or Vaseline on my body.

It wasn't just a "me thing."

All my black friends, male and female, spent their childhood moisturizing their bodies.

The hair must be different.

Hydrate your hair to keep it strong and maintain its length.

What do I mean by that?

Some may tell you that when you are hydrated, it helps your hair grow.

To be honest, that's not true.

Whether or not your hair is hydrated will not affect how fast it grows.

What matters is how you maintain your hair.

The thing is, hydrating your hair has no control over how fast or how long your hair grows, but it can control how much of your hair you actually keep.

Lack of moisture can cause hair to dry out and extremely dry hair is quickly damaged.

Not only that, dry hair also causes split ends.

We only talk about split ends in women, but anyone with hair can have split ends.

This happens when the end of the follicle divides last and finally migrates down the axis towards the root.

This leads to breakage and hair loss.

And while humidity is extremely important to the health of your hair, we call things by their names.

Dry hair does not look good good.

It seems boring, fragile, and many other awkward words.

By hydrating your hair, you and your cut stay fresh.

But another thing to keep in mind is your water intake.

Drinking the recommended amount of water a day also helps hydrate your hair from within.

If you want to know how much water to drink, drink half your weight in ounces per day and you're good to go.